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Our Vision

Transforming how the financial services industry builds trusted and lasting customer relationships.

Our Mission

Enabling our clients to deliver the best customer experience through the application of intelligent customer management technology.

Here are just a few of the voices at NexJ Systems Inc.

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Accounting Clerk

As a NexJ employee, I feel valued as a person and not just an employee. I found the support and collaboration that helped me build up my career. The company’s open door policy ensures that everyone can have their voice heard.

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Sr. Manager, DAI Development

When working on complex problems, I enjoy the freedom and encouragement I receive at NexJ to dream up and implement innovative solutions. I design and maintain features for an extremely flexible and highly-scalable distributed enterprise server framework. I lead and mentor a team of developers in adoption of best practices for software development.

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Consultant, CRM - Roadmap Acceleration

Throughout my journey at NexJ I have participated in new client CRM installation lifecycles, provide application consulting services to existing clients as well as contribute to the development of the new products. For me, NexJ is a great platform to learn new software development paradigms as well expand the knowledge of finance services sector.

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Sr. Manager, CRM Development

I am never bored in my role. NexJ has very interesting technology and challenging yet interesting problems to solve. I love the fact that NexJ management are always looking for people who have what it takes to advance their career and move up.

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Product Developer, CRM/CPM Development

My input is always valued at NexJ, in both the design and implementation phases. The number of intelligent people in the office challenge me to push my designs even further and grow in the many aspects of my career.

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