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We are a company which aligns ambitious, forward-looking professionals with
state-of-the-art CRM technology to achieve common goals.

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Our Vision

Transforming how the financial services industry builds trusted and lasting customer relationships.

Our Mission

Enabling our clients to deliver the best customer experience through the application of intelligent customer management technology.

Our Commitment to Co-operative Eductation

At NexJ, we firmly believe in an innovative learning strategy, where having co-ops as a part of our team are an integral component to our ultimate success. Being a co-op at NexJ, you will be treated like a full time employee, get the opportunity to work with some of the smartest people in the industry, and actually get to work on projects you are passionate about.

Here are some co-op statistics for you!

  • 0+ co-ops, interns and summer students have worked with us over the past four years
  • 0% of students were converted into full time hires over the past two years
  • 0% of students over the past four years have returned for a second or third term
  • 0% of our co-ops said they are valued equally for their ideas and opinions, recognized equally for their contributions and had equal opportunities to succeed while working at NexJ.

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